Simple Backyard Makeovers

Having great grass is obviously important to having an impressive yard but it is only one aspect of your yard and you shouldn’t be ignoring the rest of them. You can increase the beauty of your yard by adding a few tree, shrubs, or even flowers into the mix. Everyone knows that trees and shrubs are some of the healthiest plants in existence but no matter how sturdy these plants are if they aren’t planted properly than they won’t have a chance to grow strong and survive.


The first thing you need to do before you begin planting your trees and shrubs is to prepare the area where you are going to be doing the planting. You will need to dig a hole that is large enough to accommodate the largest of the roots without having to crowd the roots together. This is a crucial step as the tree or shrub will not be able to grow properly without the space to do so. Generally you should make the hole big enough so that you could place the roots into the hole twice. A time saving tactic for when you are digging the hole is to place the loose soil onto a canvas as this will make filling the hole back up much easier and will also spare your lawn from getting damaged.


The first step in the planting process is to remove the tree or the shrub from the container in which it was delivered in and gently place the plant inside the hole. Once the plant is firmly seated in the hole you should add a few cups of plant food and refill the hole with the dirt from the canvas. With the excess dirt you should build a small protective mound around the plant to give it extra stability while the roots are working their way into the ground. Building this type of mound will also creating a holding pot for water until the roots are firmly established which greatly increased the odds of the plants survival.

Water is a crucial aspect of any plants life and this is especially true of a plant that has been recently planted. For the first several days after planting the tree or shrub you need to ensure that you keep the hole moist in order to make sure the plant has enough water to survive. This is also a good technique to use if you haven’t had rain in over two weeks as your planted trees and shrubs will be in dire need of a good watering.