How to Prevent Car Damage

Car battery related problems are one of the main reasons for calls for roadside assistance. The simple car battery is one of the most crucial pieces of the car as it directly or indirectly affects almost every part of your vehicle. To help preserve your car battery you should clean your battery annually as this will drastically increase the lifespan of your car battery. In order to clean a car battery you will need safety glasses, wrench, gloves, a brush, and baking soda.

Using a wrench you will need to loosen the battery cables in order to remove them from the posts. Once you have the battery removed you will need to place it on a flat surface to avoid having the battery tip over on you. Using the baking soda and some water you will want to scrub the corrosion grime from the battery. Once you have removed all of the grit you should consider using a store bought jelly in order to prevent build up from reappearing. Once you are finished cleaning the battery you should replace the battery and ensure that the cables are connected properly.

Changing Engine Oil

The most effective way to ensure an increased lifespan for your car’s motor is to change the engine oil frequently. Keeping the oil in good condition is essential because it reduces the amount of friction on the engine and prevents it from overheating. Over time oil breaks down and accumulates particles of dirt and grime that will damage crucial parts of the motor. You will usually need to change your oil every three thousand to six thousand miles depending upon your driving conditions and the model of your vehicle.

Changing Air Filters

A car’s filtration component is one of the most important to overall motor performance. On average every gallon of fuel we burn in our cars approximately ten thousand gallons of air travels through our air filters. The air filter on your vehicle plays one of the most important factors in determining how many miles to the gallon that your car can travel.

If you look in your car’s owners’ manual the manufacturer will recommend how often you should be replacing the air filter on your vehicle. However you should keep track of the performance of your car as many outside factors like dusty roads, or even heavily polluted areas can drastically increase how often a filter change is needed.