Taking Care of Roaches and Other Beetles

Cockroaches are very disgusting pests that are quite easy to detect due to their foul odor.  The odor that you smell is actually a fluid that is secreted from the roach when they move around.  Cockroaches come in three major varieties which include American, German, and Asian.  Female roaches can lay anywhere from one to four eggs which contains 30 to 60 roaches.  These eggs generally take three months to mature to adulthood so it is crucial to take care of your problem quickly before it gets out of hand.  Cockroaches also present a very real danger for people who suffer from asthma as they produce allergens.   Cockroaches usually inhabit unsanitary places and the key to cockroach prevention is creating a sanitary living environment. 

Combat Roaches
The easiest method to eliminate these incredibly resilient pests is to use an insecticide residual spray designed for cockroaches.  The best method you can use to lower your chances of seeing this pests again is to spray both the inside and outside of your house.  When you are spraying outdoors you should spray approximately six feet around and about one foot up the foundation of your home for the best results.  Spraying places like windows doors, and vents that could allow access to your home will also prevent reentry of these pests.  When you are spraying inside the home you should spray everywhere that you have seen or suspect that the roaches may have been.  You should focus you attention on areas of your home that are damp and dark as this is the ideal breeding ground of cockroaches.  You should repeat the interior and exterior spraying once a month for the next two months to ensure that you have destroyed all of the roaches.

Roach Prevention
Keeping your home and surrounding living area as sanitary and clean as possible is the first step to preventing cockroaches.    You should not be leaving food lying around your home and if you plan on storing food openly in cabinets you should paint them with enamel and clean up any spills as they happen.  Investing in garbage can with sealed lids and washing thoroughly all of your recyclables before placing them out can lessen the appeal of your home to cockroaches.

Another successful method of preventing an infestation of roaches is to ensure that they have very few of their ideal hiding places in your home.   By removing clutter from your yard like dead trees, piles of wood or leaves will help reduce the population of cockroaches outside your home.  You should ensure that you do not have any cracks in your walls, or slight openings around the edges of pipes.  These types of things are very easy to fix and help prevent cockroaches from gaining access to your home.   Water is a large attraction for cockroaches and as such you should ensure that you fix all leaks quickly, frequently clean your drains, and attempt to keep the interior of your home as dry as possible. 

When you are doing any type of pest removal you should ensure that you read and follow all of the instructions listed on the packaging.  You should always wear any safety equipment that is recommended for the project you are undertaking.