DIY Deck Design

Properly designing a deck is crucial to enjoying the single most popular home addition that you could build.  When you are drafting your deck design you need to take into consideration what you are going to be using your deck for, and how it will best suit your style of living.  The three crucial issues for deck design include usage, area, drafting, and building regulations. 

Usage is the key elemental when you are planning out your deck design as this will determine what type and size of deck you are going to need.  You should consider the lifestyle that you lead, how many people will frequently be on your deck, and how much space you are going to require for objects like patio furniture or a BBQ. If you are the type of person that enjoys swimming or hot tubs you should also consider leaving room for the addition of a build in spa or swimming pool later down the road.  Now that you have a generally idea of the size and type of deck that you want for your home it’s time to move on to area considerations. 

The area where you decide to place your deck could end up affecting the size and the amount of enjoyment your get out of your deck.   The first stage of area design is based around how you want the deck to flow with your home.  Almost everyone wants a deck that is attached to their home so you are going to have to decide how people will gain access to the deck from the house.  The area where you place the deck should also be based around general weather conditions as certain areas in your home will get more sunlight and others may have more trees to provide additional privacy for your deck if that is a concern of yours.

Now that you have the picture of your ideal deck firmly in your mind it’s time to set your pencil to the graph paper. This step is very important to deck design as it will give you an approximate estimate on the amount of materials you need and it will also give you a rough idea of how your future deck is going to look.  Also when you go to obtain a building permit it is a lot easier for the building inspector to understand what you have planned if you bring a sketch with you when you go to see them.

Building Regulations
Building regulations are a deterring factor to deck design but they are something that has to be adhered to as they are there to protect your health and the safety of your guests.  These regulations are mostly in place to limit the size, height, and width of your deck to a reasonable amount.  After you have ensured that your deck plan meets all of the required building regulations you will have to apply for a building permit through you county before you begin construction. 

When you are attempting any type of project you should always wear protective equipment and follow any instructions on packaging.

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