Building A Dog House

Building a dog house for your treasured canine company is one of the most loving gestures a dog owner can make.  A dog house has many benefits for your pet; helps keep your pet safe from elements like rain, wind, and snow.  The tool that you will need to complete this project includes a tape measure, hammer, square, table and circular saw, and a paintbrush. You should expect to spend approximately five to seven hours on this project depending on your familiarity with building and your skill level.  The major components to building a dog house are design, building, and options.

Depending on your level of experience you may feel comfortable enough designing your own dog house plans from scratch.  When you are picking out the correct design for you it is important to take into consideration the need of your dog.  For example if you dog is often outdoors over night or for a prolonged period of time during the day you may want to make a small investment and insulate the house when you are putting it together.  You should avoid using low quality woods that are easily damaged by weather exposure to ensure that your dog house remains in livable conditions.

The simplest dog house should have two triangular ends, a square shaped floor, and two walls that are a rectangular shape.  You should ensure that you leave ample room for the dog to move about when you are deciding on a length and a width for the dog house.  Generally leaving a space six inches on each side of the dog house will accommodate even the largest animal.  Using one inch nails attach the floor to the four side walls leaving you with a fairly large opening on the top of the dog house.  Next using shingling nails you can attach the two piece roof boards to the four walls of the dog house.
Before you let your canine move into his new home you should use some weather resistant sealing on the wood to increase its durability.  After the sealant has dried you can use your paint brush to paint the exterior of the dog house to make it look more pleasant.  After painting the home you should wait approximately two or three days before you let your pet move into his or her new home.

There are number of different options or additions that you can add on to your doghouse to increase its effectiveness at protecting your dog.  Some of the possible additions you can add include shingles, insulation, a platform to keep the house off the ground, and a doggie door.  If you live in an area that receives a large amount of rain every year it would be wise to include a platform in your design to keep rain water from flooding the floor of the doghouse.  All of these different additions make the dog house safer and more enjoyable for your pet to live in. 

When you are building a dog house you should wear safety equipment and follow any instructions listed on tools or packaging.