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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets play a very important role in the overall look of our homes and dirty, stained carpets can give a bad impression of you and can also be a health risk to some people.  If you don’t take proper care of your carpets they will quickly appear much older than they actually are, reduce the [...]


Changing a Battery

Cars are very expensive possessions and require regular care and maintenance in order to keep them in working condition.  The majority of people are very active in keeping their car maintained through oil changes, transmission fluid changes, checkups, and other repairs but they often forgot or ignore their car battery. 


Changing Your Oil

Changing your oil frequently is crucial to both the performance and durability of your vehicle.  You should make an effort to change the oil in your vehicle every three months or six thousand miles. 


Building A Dog House

Building a dog house for your treasured canine company is one of the most loving gestures a dog owner can make.  A dog house has many benefits for your pet; helps keep your pet safe from elements like rain, wind, and snow. 

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