Do It Yourself Paint Rolling

Do it yourself painting has been around forever and many people believe it to be the easiest of all home improvement projects. For the most part painting is very simple and not all that time consuming when it comes to the work. However, what few people realize is the fact that painting the home before you sell will actually raise the value, even though some people consider it to be a rather personal choice. Whether or not it is personal matters very little and getting the work done is foremost in people’s minds these days.

Rolling is the second most common method of applying interior house paint. The rolling method cuts the painting time in half or more because you have greatly increased the coverage area. Rolling is also very inexpensive for the home owner as a person can pick up a package of rollers and pan for about five dollars at one of the bigger chain stores.

One of the biggest problems with rolling is that it tends to create a bigger mess then the standard brush method. After all, you are soaking what appears to be a giant tube sponge in paint and moving it up and down on the wall. With this you get the tiny paint spray and the splatter that is so common. You will also have a time in dealing with the ceilings as you have to hold the roller over your head and that tends to create problems.

Rolling does have many advantages though. One of them being that you can spread the paint that you have a lot further. This helps to cut down on the cost of painting a room and also saves tons of time for the person taking care of the job. There are certain power rollers on the market that seem to work well but many believe the hassle of loading such a piece of equipment is a waste of time and that time could be spent painting with a standard version of the roller.

It is best to buy the same amount of paint for rolling that you would for brush work. There is the matter of the areas where the roller cannot reach and those will need to be done with the brush so it is best to have extra paint on hand for this.

Just like with brush work you will need to prepare the walls for the painting. Finding and removing all nails is very important as a roller will be destroyed should it come in contact with a nail or screw. Because of the mess you need to be extra careful about putting down the drop clothes. The paint will spray off of the roller as you are working so be careful to cover everything.

Once you have finished rolling all the areas that you can reach it is time to get out a brush and finish the rest. Be careful about the edges where the two different methods meet, you want a smooth appearance in all cases.

WARNING: Before you begin any painting project, be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area to prevent illness or injury. Also, be sure that you read and follow all instructions on the materials that you are using to prevent injury or illness. Be sure to wear the proper safety clothing and follow all safety precautions to prevent illness or injury.

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