Do It Yourself New Wiring

There are times when new things are added to a home that require some wiring. This is true of a good many things that people like to add when doing one of the many home remodeling or improvement projects which can include new walls, additions or basement finishes. No matter what it is you can understand that it is no walk in the park but the do it yourself handy person should be able to handle the issue without having too much trouble. There are just some minor things that one needs to do before under taking such a task. A lot of these things involve the tools and the way you go about certain details.

The main issue that people have when adding new electricity is how to get the power to the new lines. Well that is not the easiest thing to do and really depends on how much power you are going to need for the area. If you have decided to add an entirely new room onto the home then you are going to need a fair amount of power. But if you are instead doing nothing more then adding a new wall to a room and need a couple outlets and a light switch then that is something that requires very little in the way of power.

For the purpose of this discussion we will be using a simple new wall construction to determine how to add new wiring. This is one of the more simple methods that people can use to add new wiring to a home.

Once you have the new wall constructed and in place you will need to pick up some tools. The first of these will be a drill with a hole saw attachment. This can be picked up at any store that sells tools but you should get one of decent quality. Cheap hole saws can break at the worst time and cost more money and even injury to your person.

Make sure you have your screwdrivers and such handy as well. Lay in a supply of electrical tape and wire caps to complete the task.

Now you will need to decide where everything is going to be. The first thing you should place is the final outlet you want installed. So if you want two on the wall with the light switch in between then you need to place the one furthest away from the power source.

Hook the wires to this first outlet and then start cutting holes with the hole saw in the studs to the next place where something will be place. Get it placed and then hook the wires up. Now you will need to start a new line of wire to continue running the rest of the way. Once you have reached the final fixture you can then stop.

At this point you will need to tap the power source for the new wall. Simply splice in the end of the new wire and then run it to the last outlet on the new wall.

This is it. Check all connections and then restore power. If everything is set then you can finish the wall without worry.

WARNING: Before working with any type of electrical project, please be sure to completely shut off the breakers and any other electrical currents that run through the area that you are working on. Also, be sure to follow all instructions on packaging for parts that you are using to prevent injury. If you are unsure of a project, or do not feel comfortable handling it on your own, please call a professional electrician to complete the job for you.

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