Do It Yourself Floor Painting

Floors are one area of the home that are often overlooked when it comes to painting. With the advent of floor coverings many people forgot about this unique and effective method of maintaining the integrity of the floor and the joists that reside beneath it. The purpose of floor coverings is much more then the standard decorative appeal. The main purpose of floor coverings is to protect the floor from being damaged by the elements. Many people do not give this consideration because of the fact that they are indoors. But the fact is that the changes in the season effect the interior as much as the exterior. The home will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These changes have an effect on the wood more than anything. This is coupled with the fact that the constant traffic is not good for it either.

Floor painting requires one to realize and understand the type of material their floors are made of. The most common is of course wood and it is primarily used to this day by all home builders. However, there is the time when concrete was used as a flooring material for homes with no basement and one level only. Concrete is by far more durable then the wood floors but it is much more costly and can be hard on the feet for a lot of people.

If you have wood floors then you have a great opportunity to save a lot of money. Painting the floor rather then covering it with a carpet or tile is one of those things that will save you so much in the long run that most people will never believe it. Carpet and tile will wear out over time and then need to be replaced. Having carpet or tile laid is very expensive anymore and this is one of those things that people do not even consider when they are looking at the home improvements they are making.

Concrete floors can also be painted but a lot of people are not in that mode of thinking due to the comfort issue. There is hope though. There are new forms of paint that now contain rubber and give the concrete floors a more comfortable feeling. This and the fact that the new paints are guaranteed to last up to five years. This will make it all that much cheaper for you. Having carpet or tile laid on a concrete surface is even more expensive then the wood type.

The key to painting floors is the preparation. When you have wood floors you will need to rent a large sander. With the sander you will sand the floor until it is completely smooth in all areas. Make sure that there is no nails or other debris sticking up from the floor. Sometimes the nails that are used to lay the floor will start to rise. This can be murder on the feet so be careful about checking for those.

With the concrete floors you will need to make sure the floor is smooth and not pitted or damaged in anyway. They make special sanders for the concrete and you should use one if at all possible. If there is any kind of damage or pitting then these areas will need to be filled and allowed to dry.

WARNING: Before you begin any painting project, be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area to prevent illness or injury. Also, be sure that you read and follow all instructions on the materials that you are using to prevent injury or illness. Be sure to wear the proper safety clothing and follow all safety precautions to prevent illness or injury.

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