Do It Yourself Brush Painting

House painting is one of those things that most people consider to be a do it yourself project and for the most part it really is. There is nothing that is all that difficult when it comes to house painting and many actually find a lot of enjoyment from the task, more so then other less appealing projects for the home owner. One of the more important issues about house painting is determining what method you will use for the painting.

The most common and oldest method for painting is the brush method. Since painting was discovered people have been using a paint brush to do it. For this reason people all over the world still associate the paint brush and painting as being one. There are several other methods for painting but people often times come back to the old standby as it tends to be the easiest.

One of the biggest problems with brush painting is the fact that you cannot cover a large area as you can with other types. Rollers for example will cover about four times the area in half the time but they also tend to be messy and hard to control. You can purchase a brush that is very large but it will still not cover an area that is comparable to other methods of painting. To start with you will need to prepare the area for painting before starting the project. It is best to remove all furniture and other items before you begin. Remove all wall hangings, curtains and blinds. Check the walls for nails and screws and patch any of the holes that these items make with special patching compound.The purchasing of paint is the next major issue. One thing to keep in mind is that you will not get a good spread with a brush like you would with a roller. So you will need to buy extra. Measure the room and take the measurements with you to the store. Give them to the clerk that is helping you and make sure that they consider a good amount to purchase above and beyond the required amount so you can take into account the fact that some areas may be thicker then others. It is also very important to make sure that you cover all the floors with a drop cloth. Paint will not come out of carpet easily and it can also permanently damage wood floors.Start near the edges and work your way to the middle when you are painting. Use long smooth strokes to ensure that you are spreading the paint as far as possible and getting little in the way of waste. The longer the strokes the smoother the paint will look when it is complete.Make sure that you are applying the most coats that you can. Depending on the color that you are covering you should understand that certain colors require several coats to be covered by other colors. The darker the under coat is the more coats you will need. When finished you should rinse the brushes thoroughly and reseal all paint containers to be used for future touch ups. WARNING: Before you begin any painting project, be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area to prevent illness or injury. Also, be sure that you read and follow all instructions on the materials that you are using to prevent injury or illness. Be sure to wear the proper safety clothing and follow all safety precautions to prevent illness or injury. 

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