Will That Be Copper or Plastic?

For the do it yourself type person there are many questions that come up when some plumbing needs to be done. Let’s say that you are adding another bathroom to a home. While this is a very noble gesture as it will ease the burden on family members who are waiting for the room in the mornings, you have to consider the ramifications when it comes to plumbing such a project. It should be known that plumbing is not for everyone. Sometimes it is just too difficult to grasp and that is very common. Plumbing, especially the addition of new plumbing can be very daunting. But with a bit of knowledge and some patience it can be handled without a problem.

The main issue for plumbing is the existing pipe. In many cases a home will have copper pipes, especially if the home is older. This can pose a problem because copper is a lot harder to work with then the standard plastic pipe. If you plan on using copper pipe for your project you will need to plan on a higher budget and then learn how to solder and treat copper pipes to be used.

Soldering copper pipes is an acquired skill that does take a bit of practice. If you plan to take on copper pipe and soldering you should take the time to practice on some scrap pipe before jumping into the project with both feet. This will save you a lot of time and money and once you learn how to do it properly you will have no trouble at all. Keep in mind that you may be working in some tight spots and it may be difficult to get a torch in there without setting the house on fire.

Plastic pipe is by far the easiest to use but can create problems down the road. Plastic pipe is very reasonable in price and can be easily installed. It does take a fair amount of time for the glue to dry which will slow down the completion of the project but that is minor when you consider the time and money you will be saving.

The trick to using plastic pipe in a new installation is to be sure that you are measuring correctly so there will be no stress on the pipe once it is glued in place. If there is stress then the glue may not hold and the fittings can fly off which will cause major problems down the road.

Use only the highest quality of glue that can be found. This is to prevent the breakdown of strength once the weather gets to it. Extreme cold and heat can have an adverse effect on the strength of less then quality glues.

WARNING: Be sure to read and follow all instructions on the packaging for chemicals, fluids, glues, and other parts that you are using to repair the plumbing in your home to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Also, be sure to wear the proper safety clothing, such as goggles or gloves, when working with chemicals, fluids, or glues to prevent injuries.

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