Hard or Soft, Water Can Be A Problem

If you live in the country you know what it is like to have hard water. The water is full of iron that appears naturally while being pumped out of a well. Hard water creates a whole host of problems for the home owners and some have thought it would be better to be rid of it all together. For those that have never lived with hard water, it is the cause of the rust stains that appear in the bathtub and toilet. It also has a habit of making foods and beverages taste funny and also creating dingy laundry.

For most who live in the country and cannot stand the hard water problem there is a solution that can be solved by the do it yourself person as well as the professional depending on how much you wish to spend from the budget to get rid of the water problem. This is of course the ever present water softener. This is far from a new concept but many people are unaware of the fact that a water softener will reduce the iron in a water supply by up to 90% or more. This, according to many experts, makes the water much safer to drink, especially for young children and small animals.

A water softener is a machine very similar to a hot water heater in terms of size and shape. The tank of a water softener holds water that is brought into the system which is then filtered through the brine or salt canister that removes and absorbs the iron deposits in the water. This is a very simple process for something that does so much.

The person who is trying to install the water softener system needs to understand that the whole process must be completed in the proper order for the system to work properly. The stage at which the water flows through the system is the most important issue. The water softener system must be installed after the hot water heater to prevent the system from building up additional waste. This is achieved by using a bypass switch that diverts the flow of water away from the main line and into the system.

From this point the water will flow through the brine tank and then exit back into the main water line. Because of this there is a chance that when the system is cycling that the flow of water could be disrupted at small intervals during the day. It is possible to set the machine to do this at a time when water usage is low, like the late night or early morning hours.

WARNING: Make sure that you read and follow all the instructions and safety precautions on the packaging for fluids, chemicals, glues, and other parts that you are using to repair the plumbing in your home to prevent illnesses and injuries. Also, make sure to wear the proper protective clothing, such as gloves or goggles, to prevent illnesses and injuries.

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