Do It Yourself Overheating Solutions

A car is a machine of great complication and requires many things to ensure that it functions the way it should. If one of the systems that makes a car operate is failing or starting to fail it can cause problems with the entire inner workings. This is one of those things that many do not understand. It is for the best of the whole machine that every part is in working order, if not there is the potential for danger and other issues that relate to the whole.

One of the most important systems on the car is the cooling system. The cooling system helps to keep the temperature inside the engine to normal operating levels. Engines create massive amounts of heat while running. The friction from a metal on metal operation means that the internal temperature can reach one thousand degrees or more in a short period of time. For this reason automobiles have a liquid cooling system that constantly circulates fluid to keep the engine below a certain temperature.

When there is a problem with the cooling system the car will overheat. Overheating is very bad for a motor in all circumstances. When the car overheats the seals can be destroyed and the internal moving parts of the motor can freeze up, which is commonly referred to as a locked motor.

The cooling system has many parts, all of which need to be functioning properly for the engine to be cool like it should be. The largest part is the radiator. This part is where the fluid is sent to be cooled before it circulates back to the motor again. The radiator is always located at the front of the vehicle where the grill resides. This is to help the flow of air through the radiator which then aids in the cooling of the fluid.

One of the first things to check when the car is overheating is the fluid level in the radiator. Never, ever open the radiator when the car is hot. Wait until it has cooled then open the cap. The fluid inside is under extreme pressure when the car is hot and will shoot out and cause bad burns.

If the fluid is low then simply add more and the problem should be resolved. If not, then you should check the radiator core. If there is built up debris like leaves and such this could be restricting the air flow to the radiator. Clean it up and that may solve the problem.

Another trouble area is the thermostat. This amazing little part knows when the fluid is the right temperature and then opens to allow the fluid to move. When this part goes bad, it will stay open or closed which can cause overheating or a lack of heating depending on the position.

To replace the thermostat all you need to do is trace the top radiator hose to where it connects to the motor. In this housing is the thermostat. Remove the bolts, take the old one out, put the new one in, replace the gasket and add the bolts.

WARNING: Make sure to wear the proper safety equipment, such as gloves and goggles, when working on your auto to prevent illness or injuries.  Also make sure to read and follow all directions for fluids and parts that you purchase for your auto to avoid illnesses or injuries.

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