Do It Yourself Low Water Flow Resolutions

There is little that can be more frustrating then turning on a faucet in the house and having just a trickle of water come out. This is a very common problem in the homes that feature the hard water directly from a well. The issue is the fact that unlike city water systems, well water does not go through any kind of filtration before entering the home. When you live within the city limits there is a whole plant full of filtration that takes the water to a safe level that will remove impurities before it is pumped to the homes in the area. Well water is straight from the under ground water source and therefore it tends to be full of impurities, while they are not harmful in most cases, they do tend to create problems within a plumbing system.

Lime scale build up is one such issue that hard water users face. This build up is a direct result of the heavy concentration of lime that is naturally present in the water source beneath our feet. When the water is continually flowing through the system the lime will build up along the areas where water is most likely to rest. When the build up reaches a certain level it will disrupt the flow of water.

The do it yourself person can easily solve this problem. The first thing that you must do is determine where the lime has created the blockage. A good place to start looking is the nozzle for the faucet. Most often the faucet will have a screen that is meant to catch things as the water flows. This is really a double edged sword as the screen will also catch too much and then disrupt the flow of water to the sink or tub.

Using a plumbers wrench you can remove the retaining collar and then pull down the screen. To remove the build up simply soak the screen in a acid type solution. If you need a cheap and easy fix use a soft drink in cola form. The acid that appears in these drinks is corrosive enough to remove the buildup and free the flow of water.

The other area where lime scale build up is a problem is the inner workings of the faucet. This is a bit more complicated then the screen but still very easy. Remove the handle or handles from the faucet (turn off the water source first) and then remove the ports that turn on the water. Down in this area you will most likely find the problem. A good round of cleaning should take care of the problem. A word of caution though. Make sure that you replace the small rubber gasket before you put the faucet back together and turn on the water. If you don’t then the water will just shoot out of the faucet handles and create even more problems.

WARNING: Make sure to read and follow all instructions on the packaging for glues, chemicals, fluids, and parts that you are using to repair your plumbing in your home to prevent injuries and illnesses.  Make sure to wear the proper protective clothing, such as gloves or goggles, to prevent illnesses or injuries.

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