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Do It Yourself Brush Painting

House painting is one of those things that most people consider to be a do it yourself project and for the most part it really is. There is nothing that is all that difficult when it comes to house painting and many actually find a lot of enjoyment from the task, more so then other [...]


Do It Yourself Dimmer Switch Installation

Many homes today have very harsh overhead lighting. This comes on the heals of people trying to lower the cost of lighting the home by using larger bulbs in limited locations throughout the home. This effort does help in some manners but in other ways it can be very difficult to maintain a comfortable air [...]


Do It Yourself Deck Staining

Having a wood deck is one of the nicest features for many homes. They are places where the family can gather to have a nice quiet evening and they make a wonderful place for family dinners and so on. Many people have been adding decks over the years to add value and some taste to [...]


Do It Yourself Exterior Painting

In this age of maintenance free exteriors on homes, exterior house painting has become a forgotten art. However, there are still those people that have homes that require the occasional coat of paint to keep the home looking nice.

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