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How To Build A Kitchen Service Cart

A great simple carpentry project to take on is the building of a kitchen service cart. This can be used for entertaining when people are spread around your home. It can also be useful for cooking and prepping food as a moveable surface in your kitchen. So consider building one to add to your home by following some simple directions.
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How To Build A Lattice Wall Under Your Deck

Most decks have a lot of unused space beneath them. That space, though, does not have to be unused. Instead, it can be made up for storage. The only problem is that it can definitely look cluttered with tarps and garden equipment right where people can see it. One solution to this is to install a lattice wall or walls to create a more uniform look between your deck and the ground.
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How To Build Your Own Deck

There are few ways to add value to your home more easily than by building a deck. A deck adds outdoor entertaining and living space. Additionally, when you build your own deck, you get to enjoy it along with a sense of accomplishment. Building your own deck is not that difficult if you just follow some simple steps.
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How To Choose And Use The Right Wood For Your Project

If is easy to get confused at the beginning of a carpentry project. Selecting the right wood can be complicated and with so much information out there, it is hard to determine which wood is right for you and your particular project. There are over one thousand types of trees just in the United States with about one hundred of them usable for woodworking. Consider these factors when choosing your wood.
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How To Expand Your Existing Deck

In order to enhance or expand your outdoor entertaining area, you can always add on to your existing deck. The process is not difficult, but does require some basic carpentry and tool using skills. For a little self-satisfaction for a job well done as well as an improved deck space for entertaining and family enjoyment, you just need to follow some simple directions.
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