How To Use Painting Tools Properly

There are many different painting tools that you will use or may need to use when you are painting.  Knowing how to use these tools can mean the difference between getting the job done and leaving it unfinished.  If you follow these easy tips, then you should have your home painting job completed in no time and will be able to enjoy your finished project sooner than you think.

Whether you are painting or wallpapering, you will often need to scrape off what is already on the wall.  There are dozens of scrapers available to you and you should choose the one for you based on your task.  A straight scraper is good for removing softened paint or soaked wallpaper.  You can buy specialty scrapers that have curved edges for working in corners or on curves.  Some scrapers come with plastic handles to increase your comfort and make it easier for you to apply more pressure.  You can use a putty knife before painting to make sure that the surface is smooth.  Just apply the putty onto the tip of the knife and fill in any cracks, divots, or crevices into the work surface.  Allow the putty to dry completely before you paint, stain, or wallpaper to your wall.

Before you begin painting, you will need to prepare the surface you are going to paint.  Paint strippers can help you remove any paint or finish on the surface.  They come in different grades that are suited for various levels of stripping.  Always wear gloves and a mask when you are using a paint stripper to protect your skin and lungs from any harmful chemicals.  Before you paint you will want to make sure that the surface is completely clean and free of any debris.  Tack clothes work well for that purpose.  You can purchase and use a heat gun to remove old paint.  It works like a hair dryer when you hold it close to the surface.  The paint will begin to
bubble off and then all you have to do is scrape the remaining paint off.  You shouldn’t use this tool on lead-based paint, though.

You can minimize the prep-work needed for edging by using a rolling paint-pad.  This little tool has plastic wheels located on its edges the ride along the edges of your baseboard and molding.  Just be careful to avoid getting paint on the wheels themselves when you use the pad because this can put paint on the molding where you don’t want it.  You can use a corner-pad to make it easier to apply paint into the corners of your room evenly.  If you are painting the banisters or spindles on a staircase, then you should use a spindle-roller to the job efficiently.

Foam brushes are perfect for painting molding or window sills.  These brushes are thankfully cheap since they are usually only good for one use since they tear easily and are hard to clean.  You can also use a foam roller to get into the corners of a room and will give you a similar effect to using a paint sprayer.

WARNING: Make sure that you use and follow all safety precautions when dealing with tools, power tools, and chemicals to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Also wear the proper safety clothing when dealing with these items to prevent injuries.

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