How To Perk Up An Aging Deck

There comes a time in the life of every home deck that it must be given a little pick me up. If you deck is looking dull and dirty, has nails popping out, and the wood is splitting, then you may need to give it a little boost. Perking up your aging deck is not a difficult job; it just takes a little time. By following a few simple directions, you can give your deck a face lift and be able to enjoy it for a few more years.

First, you will want to give your deck a good wash. The easiest way to do it is with a power washer. A power washer can be rented at most local home improvement or hardware stores a fairly reasonably price. When you pressure wash, make sure you keep the stream in constant motion so as to prevent damage to the wood while still knocking dirt and stains off of it. Once you have thoroughly washed your deck, let it dry overnight. Also, be sure to check the weather report so that your deck really will dry over night.

Nail pops, or old nails that have worked loose from the wood, are common in older decks and really make them look bad. Additionally, the cause squeaking and can be dangerous for those walking on the deck. To fix a nail pop, go ahead and remove the nail completely with your hammer’s claw or a cat’s paw tool. Next, use a screw that is longer than the old nail and reattach the board with that. You should get a snugger fit and a safer surface.

The next step in your deck restoration is to repair split wood. The truth is that you don’t really repair split wood, bur you do replace it. If you have a piece of wood that is partially split, you should mark a spot that includes the split but is not directly over one of your joists. Using a jigsaw, cut the piece on the line you have marked, remove nails and screws, and then remove the split board or split portion of the board. Cut a new board to fit the space, screw it on property and you have a repaired board. At first, your replacement may look larger than the other boards, but over time it should shrink. Boards loose moisture over time.

Finally, you should stain and seal everything. First, you will apply the stain of your choice with a roller per the directions that come with it. Then, after letting it dry at least 48 hours, you can apply the deck sealant to protect your good as new deck from the elements.

Once you have gone through and done all the repairs on your deck, it will be almost as good as new. With the deck cleaned, boards repaired, nails replaced, and the entire thing resealed, your deck should last you for much longer. In addition, you will have saved yourself considerable cost down the road.

WARNING: when working with power tools, always make sure you follow safety procedures and wear proper equipment like eye protection.

WARNING: when using sealant and stain, always follow manufacturer instructions for use.

WARNING: when working with stained or pressure treated wood, always wear gloves as well as eye protection.

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