How To Install A Hot Tub On Your Deck

While you may be familiar with the process of designing and installing a new deck on your home, there are factors that can change the process. One such factor is the presence of a hot tub. Having a hot tub can significantly change the installation process for your deck. Consider this information on the installation of a deck for your hot tub before you start construction.

While the deck building is not all that different, there are design features you should consider when designing and installing a deck around your hot tub. They will not only add to the use of your hot tub, but they will also cause an increase in value to your hot tub and your home.

The first design difference you should consider is some sort of privacy feature. When you build your deck, you may want to install screens to block the view of your hot tub. This can be done a number of ways. You can hang all weather curtains, build a wall, or even put up lattice and grow ivy on it. Any of these can provide the necessary privacy for your hot tub.

Another design difference is some sort of shelter. Many people enjoy hot tubs even in cool or rainy weather. Even in the sun, though, the heat can get to be too much in a hot tub so shelter can really add to the use. Lattice with plants, a simple wood decking shelter, or an awning can all be installed to create this addition.

Many decks have bench seating around the perimeter. With your hot tub deck you may want to include such seating right around the hot tub. This can provide a place to get dressed, a place to sit when out of the hot tub, or a place for those conversing with those in the hot tub. No matter what the reason, it is highly unlikely that you would regret the installation of seating around your hot tub. Building it in makes it a homier, but if you like you can always just buy a couple of wooden benches for the area.

Finally, you may want your hot tub deck to use material that is particularly resistant to moisture. Whether it is a composite or specially treated wood, it is worth the extra money to ensure that your hot tub deck does not decay faster than the rest of your deck. Hot tubs create a lot of moisture with steam, so it is a problem worth addressing.

As you can see, there are a number of issues surrounding a hot tub deck. Your hot tub deck will likely have design features that are different from those of the rest of your deck. Consider privacy, shelter, seating, and what type of material you use to enhance both your hot tub and your deck. By adding a hot tub deck that is fully functional with your hot tub, you will also add value to the deck, the hot tub, and thus your home. So consider these changes when you design your hot tub deck and you will surely enjoy your hot tub more than ever.

WARNING: when doing any home improvement, be sure to follow all safety procedures including proper eye and body protection.

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