How To Expand Your Existing Deck

In order to enhance or expand your outdoor entertaining area, you can always add on to your existing deck. The process is not difficult, but does require some basic carpentry and tool using skills. For a little self-satisfaction for a job well done as well as an improved deck space for entertaining and family enjoyment, you just need to follow some simple directions.

Before you do any outdoor home improvement project, you should always check local codes. It is possible that you will need to obtain a permit before doing anything. If so, plan ahead to make sure there is time for your permit to go through. Additionally, you will need to give the utility company a call. They should be able to mark any buried lines to that you can avoid them during your build. Failure to call can result not only severe injury, but also some very expensive damage to the utilities in your neighborhood.

The next step is to plan the actual extension. You need to decide the type of extension you want to add as well as where you want to add it. Be sure to consider sun versus shade, space in your yard, and the shape of your house. You should also look to make sure that there won’t be any drainage issues.

Next, tear out the posts, stairs, and or rails that are in the way of your extension. If you placed posts with concrete, then make sure you just cut them off level with the frame of your deck. Once those things are out of your way, you have to clear out any vegetation or shrubbery that is in your way. Make sure the entire area is clear and ready for building.

Next, you are going to essentially build a deck. That is right; you are going to build a deck off of your deck. Make sure you are measuring out the height correctly on pieces so that they match up well. However, the first step you need to take is to dig your post holes for the deck extension being sure to avoid lines that have been marked by the utility company. To make sure the extension truly becomes part of the deck, you can build a deck bench across into the extension.

Finally, you will want to seal and stain your extension. This is an important step because it ensures that both the deck and extension will wear well and wear evenly. You don’t want the extension outliving your deck by several years, do you?

Building an extension to your deck can really enhance your outdoor entertaining. By adding space, you can afford to include more seating, more tables, and more grill space. In turn, entertaining becomes easier, family fun becomes easier, and the entire area becomes more versatile for you and your family. All it takes is a little planning, a little research, and little know-how and you will have the deck extension that will make all the difference in your outdoor life.

WARNING: Whenever working with stained and or pressure treated wood, wear proper eye protection, stay in a ventilated area, and always wear gloves.

WARNING: When using power tools always follow safety instructions and wear proper safety gear like eye protection and gloves.

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