How To Decorate Your Deck Thematically

A deck is a great way to add to both the value and the overall enjoyment of your home. It offers you a chance to entertain and enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining the comfort of home life. You can socialize, relax, and even dine on your deck just the way it is. Have you, though, ever considered what you can do by decorating your deck thematically? With the rise in popularity of home decorating, sometimes it is easy to forget about outdoor decorating, but with your deck you can create a theme that causes a new atmosphere to be born outside your home.

For instance, are you an outdoorsy person who loves parks and picnics? Then a great way to add to your deck is to decorate it thematically in line with the outdoors. Erecting grid wood structures and growing ivy or vines on them is one start. It is easy to do and a quick way to give your deck a “woodsy” feel. The process is easy. At your local home improvement store it should be fairly easy to find lattice. Put the lattice up where you want the ivy or other vines to grow. Then, simply by the plants in pots and place them at the base of your lattice. There, you can let them grow up and create an outdoorsy feel.

Another way to decorate your deck easily in a theme is to create a Tuscan feel to the deck. This can be achieved without a lot of work. First, start off by giving your deck a dark stain. The dark backdrop will give you that Italian fee. Some new furniture, maybe teak chairs and a table with a deep colored, maybe copper color would add to the effect. Finally, add lush vegetation to your deck; potted plants, hanging plants, and flowers finish off a true feel of outdoor entertaining in Tuscany.

Finally, do you or your kids love the beach? You can bring the beach to your deck with a few decorating projects. Put colorful beach chairs on your deck as patio furniture to begin the feel. Additionally, fish nets purchased at a local outdoor store can be hung to give the ocean front fee. You can also try adding other beach paraphernalia like sails or lifesaver floats. To really bring the feel home, if you want to keep it long term, use a light stain on the deck to give a sand color and paint part of it sea blue.

There are so many things you can do to decorate your deck thematically. By doing so, you can create a “feel” for your deck that goes beyond what you are accustomed to. By purchasing a few items for d├ęcor, doing some staining or painting, and adding a few accessories, you can create just about any feel you want. You can even skip the staining and shift the look and feel of your deck depending on the occasion or season. Decorating your deck thematically is a home project you can use to improve entertainment.

WARNING: When using stain on your deck, always be sure to follow manufacturer directions on the can.

WARNING: When mounting lattice with nails, use caution and always wear proper eye protection.

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