How To Clean Wood Stains To Make Wood Look Brand New

Do you have those special pieces of furniture that you just don’t want to get rid of, but they have some stains that you can’t get out? Maybe its something you got from a family member or friend that is no longer with you. You can’t part with the piece and really want to use it, but with the stain on it you keep it put away. Then what happens to it? It gets more stains or mold on it. Now what can you do to give the piece a good cleaning, yet not ruin the original wood?

When wood isn’t sealed properly it will get stains. You can easily remove these with bleach; however, if you don’t want to remove the actual stain, then you shouldn’t do this. When you use the following process to get stain from your wood furniture you will be striping the existing stain away. Make sure to tape off any parts that you don’t want to bleach.

Once you have done that get some bleach, safety glasses, and latex gloves. Take your supplies along with the piece of furniture outside in the sunlight. Let the sun warm the wood for ten minutes before starting.

Wipe the parts you want to clean with the bleach. Let the bleach soak for fifteen minutes, then see if the stains are gone. You can do this up to three time to remove the stain. If it doesn’t remove the stain then take it to a professional.

Now that your stain is gone, you will have to rinse off the bleach. If you don’t the new stain will not stick to the wood. To rinse off the wood you will need to use half water and half white vinegar. Make sure to get all the bleach off then let it dry.

You are now ready to sand down the surface and stain your piece. Your new clean wood piece will now look brand new. You saved money by doing the project yourself instead of throwing it away and buying a new piece of furniture.

If you don’t want to strip the stain off the wood piece, you can try water and bleach solution. Make it a light solution to keep from taking the stain off. Try it on another piece of furniture just to make sure before using it on your prized piece. This way you don’t ruin that special furniture that someone gave you.

Wood furniture can get all kinds of stains on them over years of wear. Taking care of the furniture doesn’t have to be hard work with the right cleaning supplies and knowledge. All it takes is a little tender care to clean any wood that needs it. Once you get the technique down, you will be finding all kinds of wood projects to make look new. It can be rewarding and many don’t take the time to clean up their pieces, so you can get a good deal, then make it your own.

WARNING: Always wear and use the proper safety equipment when dealing with chemicals while cleaning wood stains to prevent injuries or illnesses.

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