How To Clean Up Those Messy Jobs

We all have those messy and nasty jobs that we hate to do around the house. Cleaning the toilets so they don’t have dirty mold stains or other things you don’t want to think about. Doing a quick cleaning can keep your family free from those stomach bugs that can be passed around the house from person to person. You may also hate to dust, but if you want to keep those lamp shades looking new, without a layer of dust. You will have to do the messy job of cleaning them and you don’t have to buy new shade.

So, how can you make doing these messy jobs easier? Well the toilet is just that, nasty. You have to do it. There is no easy way to just do it; however, you can clean in a way that will make it less germy. Use a disposable brush that you can buy refills for. You use these once and thrown them away along with all the germs that go with it. Use disposable wipes as well when cleaning the seat of the toilet and for your sink as well. You spread less germs by using them and then throw them in the trash. It is a easier way to get the job done. They even have disposable brushes for the shower and tub, that come with a handle. So, you don’t have to break your back anymore.

How do you feel about cleaning out your messy oven? Do you hate it? Put it off week after week, until your sure something will start growing in there? If so, there is an easier way and it’s not self cleaning ovens, how many do you know that actually clean themselves? Not many. Here is an easier way. You can put foil on the bottom of your oven and take it off when it gets messy. It saves you time scrubbing out these tough to reach spots. A note of warning, it can make your bake elements burn out quicker, for heat will reflect these units. Another way to keep from scrubbing and making your hands raw of chemicals, is to put foil on your stove eyes, if you have them. It helps.

Dusting is another job that can be messy and something you put off until your allergies are going wild. If you have ceiling fans you know exactly how messy those can get. Keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a pain. Get a duster with a long handle and dust them like you would your furniture. Another thing that people can see dust on is your lamp shades. This can be a messy job, but here is a tip to make it easier and less expensive. Don’t go out and buy new lamp shades because you don’t want to dust them. Instead, take a baby brush and dust of the shade. It’s fast and easy.

These are just a few of the messy jobs that many hate to deal with. You can always find an easier way to do things so they don’t seem so messy and make you put them off. The longer you do that the worse they will get. Put aside one messy task to do a week or a day. It will only take you a few minutes to do these mentioned above. Don’t let the messy jobs pile up, get them done one at a time.

WARNING: Make sure that you wear and use the proper safety equipment for any job that you are doing around the house to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Make sure that you follow all directions on packaging to ensure the best results and to prevent injuries.

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