How To Clean Ceiling Fans Or Light Fixtures

Dirty ceiling fan blades and light fixtures not only look bad, but they can make your ceiling fans shake and wobble.  To keep your fans running smoothly and your light fixtures clear and pretty, clean them regularly.

To begin, first you need to turn your ceiling fan off.  You do not ever want to clean a fan with the motor still running.  Also, you never want to expose the fan’s motor to all-purpose cleaner.  Position a tall stepladder under the ceiling fan and rotate the fan blades until one is within reach.  Take an all purpose cleaner and spray it on your paper towel.  Wipe all the dirt and dust away from the top of the fan blade with the damp paper towel.  Next, wipe off the bottom of the fan blades.  If your fan blades are made of wood, you could also use a wood polisher to clean the blades rather than an all-purpose cleaner.  If you are allergic to dust, you might want to consider wearing a mask because if your ceiling fan is really dusty, then dust is going to fall on you.

Once you have the first fan blade clean, turn the blades again until you come to the next one and repeat the above cleaning process until each fan blade is completely clean and dust free.  You should clean the fan blades at least every two months thoroughly.  More often if you are allergic to dust or someone in your home is.  To maintain this cleanliness weekly, you will want to dust the fan blades with a long cloth or feather duster.  You could also purchase a hydrostatic cloth and wipe the dust off with it.  The brass and metal fixtures should be cleaned separately with cleaning solutions that are appropriate to their composition.

To clean the light fixtures on your ceiling fans and other light fixtures in your house, first turn your lights off and let the fixture cool.  Once it is cool, take a screw driver or small wrench and remove the fixture from the light or fan.  If there are any dead bugs on the fixture, empty them into the garbage.  Run you some warm water into your kitchen sink and pour in a little dish washing detergent into the water.  After the sink is filled, place your fixtures in the sink.  Don’t over fill it so they won’t bump against each other and break if they are glass.  If they are really dusty you may want to allow them to soak a little bit in the soapy water.  Otherwise, simply wash them like you would any other dish with a soft cloth.  Rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry in your dish drainer.  This will prevent any lint from hand drying with a
cloth or paper towel from getting on the fixtures.  Once the light fixtures are dry, then replace the fixtures on the lights and screw them back in tight.  Your rooms will be instantly brightened by your new clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.

WARNING: Make sure to wear and use the proper safety equipment when cleaning to prevent injuries.

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