How To Choose The Right Tools To Work With Crown Molding

One of the biggest mistakes that the majority of do-it-yourself homeowners make during a home improvement project, is trying to finish the job without having the right tools.  Everyone is guilty of taking a shortcut or trying to save money and opt to inventing different methods to perform a home improvement task by using the wrong tool.

In most cases, it is not because you do not know better, but possibly because you do not think you can afford the right tool at that time.  Or maybe you just do not want to take the time that it takes you to run down to your local home improvement store to buy the right tool for the job.

There are several tools that you will need if you are going to do the job right.  First, you will need a miter box.  A miter box is a tool that is used to guide your hand saw in order to make precise miter cutes in your crown molding.  You will also need a tape measure.  You may already have one of these, but it is great for measuring the length of the molding you will need.  Another tool you probably already have that you will need is a hammer.  It will be good for attaching your molding to the wall.  A nail set will be great to punch nail heads below the molding surface.  You will also want to buy a putty stick that matches the color of your crown molding to cover up any nail holes that you have.

You may also need a C-clamp to hold the wood that you are working with and keep it in place.  A fine-tooth saw will give you a smoother cut and sandpaper will smooth out the roughened edges of your freshly cut molding.  Finishing nails will be great for finishing up your project.  The most important tool you will need when doing any type of woodworking are safety glasses.  You want to protect your eyes from projectiles flying in to them.  Also, gloves will protect your hands from splinters and other objects from entering them.

If you want to cut intricate shapes into your crown molding or do interior cutouts, then you are going to need a coping saw to do the job right.  A chalk line will help you keep your crown molding straight and in line along your wall.  There are a few other tools that are very helpful, but not essential to finishing the job.  One such tool is a power miter saw.  It is good for making accurate cross cuts into your wood.  An air power nail gun that can be set to 95 PSI is good for nailing in nails that you have trouble using a hammer on.  Also, it won’t put any dents into your wood like a hammer would.

Construction adhesive that is compatible with polystyrene is good to have around, too.  If you have a router, then it can be used to cut into the inside of your wood for intricate designs or to round out any edges.  An electric or cordless drill will work great for screwing in screws if you use them.  These are just a few of the many tools you can use to get your crown molding project done right.  If you have any questions regarding them, your home improvement store should be able to answer them.

WARNING: Make sure that you use and follow all safety precautions when dealing with tools, power tools, and chemicals to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Also wear the proper safety clothing when dealing with these items to prevent injuries.

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