How To Choose The Right Tools For Tile Floors

Are you wanting to replace the flooring in your home with tile floors?  Do you not want to hire someone else to do it?  If you are wanting to do this job yourself, then you are going to need a few tools to do it right.

First off you will need a tile saw.  You can get them at your local home improvement store.  You can get either a wet tile saw or a regular tile saw.  You will want to find one that has the ability to cut any size tile and can cut from 0-45 degree miters.  It can also be beneficial to find one that is lightweight for easy mobility.  You can always find one at a reasonable price to fit your budget.  If you purchase a professional tile saw, then it can even cut through marble or granite as well as stone and masonry products.  A tile cutter can cut wall tiles as well as floor tiles and can even cut it on a diagonal.

To remove old tile spacers, you will need a tile spacer popper.  This is a low priced tool and is one that you will be glad you have.  You may also want to get some spacer wedges.  They are made out of a soft, flexible material and help keep accurate joints in ceramic tile, marble, and stone applications.  For your convenience, you can purchase them in bags that contain 200 wedges.  You will also need a wall or floor floater. 

This is a trowel that is usually tapered and is great for laying epoxy on the walls or floors.  You can get them in varying sizes and prices.  Also, you can choose between a plastic trowel or an aluminum one.  To use a grout sealer or a stain protection sealer, you may want to get an applicator gun.  Using one of these will reduce hand fatigue and allows for an easier application.  A simple cellulose sponge is good to pre-wet flooring before you apply thinset, cleaning up excess thinset before grouting, and to “tool” grout joints when you are spreading grout.  A rubbing stone will smooth roughened edges on freshly cut tiles and it will not mark your tile.

You should get a scrubbing pad to scrub away excess epoxy and grout from your newly laid tile.  You can also get a scrub pad holder for it that looks similar to a trowel.  These are just a few of the many tools that you will need to lay your new tile floor.  When you go to your home improvement store to purchase the tools you need, you will be surprised at the huge selection of each tool.  You may want to get a customer service representative to help you choose the right tools for your needs.  You can find almost any tool that will fit your budget.  If you can’t afford some of the tools, such as the saws, you may want to consider renting them for the duration of your project.

WARNING: Make sure that you use and follow all safety precautions when dealing with tools, power tools, and chemicals to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Also wear the proper safety clothing when dealing with these items to prevent injuries.