How To Build Your Own Gazebo

When it comes to adding an accent to your yard as well as entertaining space, there are few projects that can beat a gazebo. However, there is a lot to consider with such a project if you want to have success. Consider some simple tips that will allow you to have the maximum amount of success with your gazebo project.

1) Select a wood that will last a long time for your gazebo. Additionally, make sure you get something that is pressure treated. It will last longer, and since you want your gazebo to last it only makes sense to spend the extra few dollars to do it right the first time.

2) Go over the design and plans thoroughly. Then, make sure you look over all steps of the construction before you ever start. Fully understanding any carpentry project will set you up for success as you work through the project. Knowing what the end is supposed to look like and understanding the steps of the project make building easier.

3) Always, as with any carpentry project, measure and re-measure. Also, make sure every corner is square and that each vertical board is plumb. This will keep your gazebo looking professional as well as ensuring that it is sturdy and built to last.

4) For attaching wood and pieces to one another always use galvanized or stainless steel hardware. You want your screws, bolts, and nails to last since you went to the trouble of getting that pressure treated wood. They will also prevent your hardware from creating rust stains on the wood.

5) Before putting in any fasteners, whether it be nails, screws, or bolts, you should drill pilot holes. This is particularly crucial near edges or ends of boards. A pilot hole will prevent cracking and splitting from use of nails. While it may take some time, this step can really add to the quality of your gazebo as well as the longevity of it.

6) When you cut wood or drill into it, you create exposure to the interior of the wood. As you build your gazebo, brushing on a wood preservative will help prevent moisture from entering the wood and rotting it prematurely. Such preservatives can be found at most home improvement or garden stores in your neighborhood.

7) Once your gazebo is build and you have taken all care in the building process, use a clear water repellant, stain, or sealant on the entire structure. This will help keep water and moisture out while maintaining the look of the wood over time. Simply follow the instructions on the container. This will help your gazebo to really last and is the final preventative touch on your project.

As you look over these tips, realize that there is so much you can do to enhance the quality of your gazebo. These tips, though, will get you started on ensuring a professional look and quality to your gazebo.

WARNING: when using any sealant or water repellant, make sure you wear proper eye protection and gloves while also considering all manufacturer warning and precautions.

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