How To Build A Lattice Wall Under Your Deck

Most decks have a lot of unused space beneath them. That space, though, does not have to be unused. Instead, it can be made up for storage. The only problem is that it can definitely look cluttered with tarps and garden equipment right where people can see it. One solution to this is to install a lattice wall or walls to create a more uniform look between your deck and the ground.

The first thing to do is decide where you are going to put the lattice. Presumably it will be between deck posts beneath the deck. If that is the case, then you will need to provide support for the lattice to hold it in place. Cut or have a home improvement store cut for you two inch by two inch supports that are the same length as your posts. Attach the supports using deck screws so that they will provide adequate support of the lattice.

Next, pick up some lattice U-molding at the home improvement store. This will fit around the lattice to give it a finished look. That should be cut to the length of each space between supports and posts. Set them aside.

You will also want plenty of lattices from your local store. Cut the lattice panels with either a jig or circular saw. They should be cut to fit the spaces you have left for them. Leave about a quarter of an inch on each side, though, to allow for the expanding and contracting of the wood with the weather. Then, you can snap on the lattice molding you bought earlier.

Next, you can screw the lattice onto the deck and support beams you set up. Be sure to drill pilot holes in the molding to prevent splitting. Finally, don’t forget that when you go to screw the lattice onto the supports you have put up that you have remember to leave the one quarter inch of space to allow for the expansion and contraction. This can help prevent buckling and splitting both.

Once that is up, make sure you have left a space for a door to get in and out. You can use two by four boards to build yourself a door frame. Put the boards together with deck screws. Then, measure the area of the door and cut a matching lattice piece. Use door hinges and you have your door. To give a finished look, cover the edges with more of the lattice molding.

As you can see, it is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to put lattice under your deck. That lattice will allow you to use that extra space for storage without fear of creating a cluttered and trashy look around your deck. All it takes is a trip to the home improvement store, a few tools, and a little planning to have great looking lattice under your outdoor deck.

WARNING: When using power tools, always remember to follow manufacturer directions and to wear proper safety gear such as eye protection and gloves.

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