Do It Yourself Weekend Landscaping

Landscaping your home can give it that polished, beautiful look you have always wanted.  First, you need to start by planning.  You will want to begin planning your landscape by surveying all of the existing features.  On a piece of paper, preferable graph paper, draw to scale all of the permanent structures, such as the house, driveway, pool, utility poles, and the outbuildings.  Then, cover it with a piece of tracing paper and draw in the features you want to keep, like trees, shrubs, and fences.  Continue to use tracing paper overlays to sketch in your new ideas, no matter what they are.

Once you have your maps done, you will want to mark it out.  Do this by using stakes and string or a garden hose to lay out the new paths, flower beds, fences, or anything else you have planned for your lawn.  Mark out the lines with sand.  Once it is marked out, you can plant the flowers you have planned for that area.

You can ease the transition from your home to your flower garden and tie the two together by adding potted mini gardens on your porch, deck, or patio and by adding window boxes to your home.  You will also want to take into account the view from the windows inside your home when you plan your garden.  If your yard is small, you can create a beautiful landscape by using container plants that can be redesigned whenever you want to change the view.

You can take the far corner of your yard and turn it into a nice retreat for yourself.  You can screen it off with a trellis or hedge and plant some colorful annuals.  Add a nice bench or swing and a small shade tree and you will have your own private garden to get away from everything.  It would be a nice place to go and read or just sit awhile and think.

You will want to pick your flowers for their form, color, and their texture.  All trees and flowers have different shapes and can offer unique landscaping structure.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of time gardening, then you should choose your plants accordingly.  Go with easy to care for ground covers instead of grass and select your shrubs that have an appealing natural shapes that don’t demand constant grooming.  By raising perennials, you will save yourself from having to sow and plant new flowers every year.

Be prepared for mud after you complete your landscaping.  Soil that is exposed from landscaping can be messy, especially after it rains.  It would be best to set down planks to use as walkways and if there is any exposed or newly seeded areas, you will want to have tarpaulins handy if rain does threaten to come down.

You will love all of the effort you have put into your landscaping when you see the results.  Your lawn will be a lot more appealing and so will your neighborhood.  Not only that, a beautifully landscaped lawn will add to your home’s value.

WARNING: Make sure that you follow all the instructions and safety precautions to prevent injuries.  Make sure that you wear the proper clothing when dealing with any type of tools or chemicals.

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