Do It Yourself Weekend Gardening

Are you wanting to do some yard work to make your yard more desirable? You can if you take it little by little and do it on the weekend. If you are like many, you don’t have time during the week to do your gardening or yard work. You can do it yourself on the weekends and in no time have the yard you are wanting.

On the first weekend, you need to figure out what it is you are wanting to do. Maybe you will start on the front yard. You have some flower beds that could use some major tender loving care. The best way to start here is to clear everything out. Yes, that means everything. All you want to see is the ground once you are done.

Once you get that done, you can lay out the stones or whatever it is that you want to outline your flowerbed. Make the design you want. Stand back and see all you have done so far. Does it look good? Is it what you wanted? Do you like the lay out of the flower beds now?

If you do, then its time to plant the flowers you want. Spread them out, so they have room to grow. Once you have planted them, take mulch or stones or anything you want to lay in the flower bed. Make it the way you want it. You are the one who will see it everyday. If you want to put in a waterfall feature do it. Most home improvement stores will show you how to do it. If you want a bird bath in the middle of your flower bed put it there. You can do anything you like as long as it’s what you want.

This will take you one weekend to do and you can do it. Get your stuff and get to it. You will be glad you did when you see the results. When you have the flower beds done, next weekend you may want to do the walkway that leads to your front porch.

You will have to clear off the path, remove stones or anything you don’t want there. You can block it off with the same type of stones used around your flower beds. Place your new walking stones and fill the gaps with smaller rocks. You can place solar lights on either side of the walkway and now you have a new walkway that matches your flower beds and bring your whole yard together.

It took you maybe two weekends to do these and if you work fast it may only take you one weekend. It will just depend on the amount of work to be done. Take your time and make it what you want it to be. Then sit back and enjoy your weekend of gardening. Watch all your plants grow and see how everything ties in together and makes the yard flow easily together, just the way you wanted it to.

WARNING: Make sure that you use proper protection when working with any kind of chemicals or gardening tools to ensure that you are as safe as possible when gardening.

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