Keeping Pests out of your Home

No, we’re not talking about the nosey neighbor or that unwelcome house guest; this is all about keeping those pesky little insects out of your home. You know: ants, spiders, flies, weevils, roaches, scorpions and all those other bugs you love to hate. Here are 10 helpful ways to rid your home of these pests forever:

*Keep the floors clean – wipe up any spills immediately using soap and water not just a rag. Clean the entire flooring at least once a week and the kitchen floor at least twice a week.

*Take out the trash – every day, do not leave trash in your home overnight. This includes all trash cans not just in the kitchen.

*Keep fruit in the refrigerator – especially when ripe.

*Keep the sink clean – wash dishes daily. If you cannot clean the dishes, then at least fill the sink with soap and water.

*Keep a tight lid on things – make sure all food and beverage containers kept outside of the refrigerator are tightly sealed.

*Keep things dry – make sure the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are dry; fix leaks immediately and wipe up any spills or splashes at once.

*Keep pets clean – especially indoor/outdoor pets. Brushing, bathing and using flea and tick control are essential. If you have indoor only pets, you should still use flea and tick protection on your animals.

*Seal up the house – use caulk to seal up any cracks on baseboards, cabinets, pipes, ducts, and fittings inside the home. Outside check and caulk all door frames, window frames, roof joints and any visible cracks on the exterior surface.

*Keep the outside of the home free and clear – do not stack wood next to the home and keep any plants cut back so pests cannot climb up and access your house.

*Spray the entryways – using a household pesticide, spray the threshold, around the door frame and all window frames on the outside only.

Always remember to read the label of any pesticide to insure proper usage and also consider hiring a pest control service should your insect or rodent problems be too severe for you to control. These tips are suggestions to help keep pests from entering your home and as such are not fool proof but merely ideas others have used with success.

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  1. Dhivael/Anne’s Hyperactive Blog » Blog Archive » Says:
    October 28th, 2006 at 3:55 pm

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