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Tool Boxes - Choosing the Right One

Here is a scenario for you: You are working with your tools on a daily basis, and lately you notice that it has become more and more of a chore to cart your tools around. This is because you do not own a tool box. You know that you need to purchase one, but there [...]


Painting? Don’t forget the Paint Supplies

Whether you are painting your home, or working on your own personal artistic masterpiece, it’s easy to forget the basic items needed beyond the paint that will result in a successful and great looking project. Before you start your project, sit down and make a list of all the paint supplies that you will need, [...]


Composite Decking: Low-Maintenance, High-Enjoyment Decks!

With a great many decking materials, one common factor when thinking about investing in a deck is the amount of maintenance required. With composite decking, made from recycled materials, the beauty of this low-maintenance deck is rivaled only by its even, smooth surface. Composite decking has been designed to withstand all of the stresses that [...]

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